Train Me In Safety

A worker who receives health and safety training is a safer worker

Each year there are thousand of people injured or killed in the UK as a result of an illness or accident in the workplace, with potentially many thousands more minor injuries which are not reported by workers. Whilst it is impossible to completely reduce the chances of accidents down to zero, the provision of health and safety training to/for employees will give them a greater understanding of the dangers that are present in the particular place of work and how to work in a safer manner and do or avoid certain actions which may place themselves, their fellow workers or members of the nearby public at risk. Not only is it a legal requirement for an employer to provide safety training and any necessary protective equipment, it is also a contributory factor in reducing the amount of money lost through staff being off work or getting involved in costly legal disputes such as compensation claims or fines.

What Safety Training is Available for Me?

This can often depend upon the reason for wanting the training. If you work for a company or organisation, then they are likely to arrange the training for you. This will usually either be specific to your job role and the likely hazards you may face such as sharps training, coshh (hazardous substances) or manual handling training, or they may wish you to have an accredited health and safety qualification from a recognised awarding body like a NEBOSH General Certificate or CITB SMSTS Certificate.

Many individuals also choose to attend a course to obtain a health and safety qualification of their own volition as many potential employers will value these qualifications or even require them from potential candidates.

Health and Safety Training Providers

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If you are looking for training in health and safety, companies such as Associated Training can provide both bespoke in-house company training as well as offering accredited qualifications and open courses where individuals can book onto a course which is scheduled at a particular training venue on a certain date.